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Do you want to help us in our mission of reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus? Your generosity enables us to help more and more people experience a life-changing relationship with Him. We are truly grateful for your donation and hope the convenience and simplicity of online giving will be helpful to you.

Financial giving can be divided into two categories: tithes and offerings. The Bible teaches us that we worship the Lord with our tithe, which is ten percent of our income contributed to the church on a regular basis. When we feel called to give over and above our tithe, we do so as an offering.
You are free to donate to any ministry or support any event we host. Your donations and financial support provides us with the resources needed for us to grow and expand throughout the community.  You may also donate or inquire about our ministries by contacting our church offices.

Office hours are Monday-Thursday: 9 am to 2:00 pm.


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[paragraph extra=””]”Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.  – Deuteronomy 16:17[/paragraph]

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